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Sunday, 12 August 2012

August Update

 A sneak peek at Arcane Armory's latest creation..the Electric Steampunk Guitar!

Matt and I went along to an enjoyable family evening recently. Of course, with our get togethers, some of the family members inevitably have strings attached. Acoustic and acoustic base guitars, a mandolin and this rather impressive Steampunk Electric Guitar among them! (I even sang a bit, not being a guitarist myself.)

Matt has given me permission to give folks a preview of his latest creation, which he intends to bring along to our stall at Lincoln's Steampunk event of the year 'Weekend at the Asylum', 8th-9th September. We'll be right outside the castle entrance and if it hasn't been sold by then, he may well be playing it...

The sound is wonderful; it has a switch to adjust the tone. I'm proud of my creative, musical family. Our Dad has long shared his guitar-building and electrical engineering knowledge with Matt, who is taking these skills forward into new territory. Anyone seriously interested in purchasing this piece can contact Matt through his Etsy shop Arcane Armoury or his Facebook page .

'Amber' necklace and earring set 

The Navigatrix prepares for the Steampunk event of the year!

With only four weeks to go, I must admit I'm starting to panic a little. My creative streak would love to be let loose the whole day long, but as a mother I have this precious school holiday time with my daughter as well. 

It can be a bit frustrating, trying to 'get everything done'... but what is meant by that, anyway? I've had my perspective balanced a bit by various things, one of which is a fellow blogger. In Megan's Creative Blog, the author has written some very grounding pieces such as 'Cut Yourself Some Slack' and What Doesn't Work'. Here is a woman who is on the same wavelength as me. 

The Brass-Anthemum brooch

You know when you read something and on the one hand think 'I knew that!' and on the other hand are very relieved to be reminded of it? Well, that's what I get from reading her posts, and others like her. Today, I'm on the computer a lot, spreading the word about Matt's guitar and not really making anything..because my gut instinct is to have a Facebooky, networking, blogger day. Oh, and maybe playing the addictive silly little game I recently found on my 'phone. 

I have things lined up, half made: two small pairs of leather now-fingerless gloves, an idea for new chokers, a beaded charm bracelet. The ideas keep flowing but I only seem to make successfully when I'm in the right mood. I'm learning now how to encourage and nurture that mood into being (Pendulum and Birthday Massacre in the CD player seem to help). One thing I am learning is to go easy on myself, do what needs to be done (even if I don't feel like it, when it's a necessity).

Inspirational Quotes series, necklaces
So here are a few examples of things that are finished but not yet up on Etsy. If you follow the Steamed blog, you will have seen most of these pictures already. I was given a guest spot recently, my first on someone else's blog. How exciting is that?! 
I really feel that I am making progress, successfully building my SEO web and finding wonderful people who genuinely love what I make. Sales are only a part of it, though an important, growing part! I'm so grateful for this wonderful internet, allowing me to share my passion with you lot out there in the world!

Tribal Airship necklace
So where have I got to? I have enough stock to cover my stall, I have five new flat folding black velvet necklace stands, I'm shopping around for some good, inexpensive damask fabric to cover the stall with. I now have the experience of running a trade stall over a weekend, so the rest is just polishing, really. Yes, and making as much stock as I comfortably can. I'm not stressing over this, that takes the fun out of the creative process. I did that enough back when I was a modelmaker. This time, though I am serious about this being a business rather than a hobby, I know myself much better and a happy Sally-Ann makes better things. 

I'll leave you with a link to Steamed - if you like it, do follow it (that goes for Megan's blog, too).