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Monday, 24 September 2012

Weekend at the Asylum Part 2

I have a stack of cards in front of me from various other traders and participants, so many goodies for you to take a look at! You will find a list of links later on but first, some more pictures from the event:

A new friend
One happy customer :)

Arcane Armoury

Matt and 'Magdalena' 
Snow White

I am The Navigatrix!
The Bustle Balloon Skirt 
 The standard of costume was very high, with so much attention to detail. There were a fair few nods to existing characters and creations. I particularly liked the wheelchair done up as a Time Machine, the family dressed as Steampunk versions of Batman, Robin and Catwoman, The Invisible Man (hats off to you sir, to walk around in that heat completely covered by long, heavy dark coat, black fez, sunglasses and bandages!), Lady Cottington from Brian Froud's book of pressed faeries, Judge all gave us much amusement, thankyou!

If you see yourself or someone you know, please leave a comment below, thanks! I'll add captions if you ask. 

Castle Square, full of bemused tourists!

Silhouette Brooch. Does she look like someone you know?
 Well, there were so many photos I'm going to have to do a Part Three! Thankyou for looking. Do Follow and share this Blog, many thanks.


  1. These people are wearing some awesome outfits!! I especially love the two ladies who are going all out victorian!

    Btw, I tagged you for an inspring blogger award yesterday, you can see that here:

  2. Thanks Nadja! Does this mean I've been nominated? Thanks for the mention :)


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