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Friday, 7 June 2013

Photoshoot in May - Part 2

Cap'n G and Me!

A tale of what happened not exactly next...

I'm not laying this out in chronological order. To be honest, there's been so much going on in between that my brain seems to have scrambled the sequence of events. I put this down to 'Mumnesia' ;)

We had a very full day together with Matt behind the camera to take some new product shots and some set pieces for promotion. Here are a couple of the new product shots - if you browse The Navigatrix you will see that each listing has up to five accompanying photographs. I don't always use a modelled shot for the main listing picture but it is nice to see how an item can be worn. You get a better idea of scale, too.

Black Rose Choker

'Wear Me, Alice'
One can only hold a serious demeanour for so long...especially around friends who enjoy each other's company!  
Oh...we broke our model!

Does the 'G' in Cap'n G. stand for 'Giggly'?!
 Getting the model ready between shots. Yes, I was in my Navigatrix getup the whole time! 
Like the Fleur de Lys? Various colours available: Buy it here!

We just can't help it!
 When we'd got the music blasting out loud and were feeling comfortable in our Steampunk personas as the Captain and the Navigatrix of an airship named 'The Unpronounceable', we got serious!
Aside from the Lionhead, Zeppelin Union and Fleur de Lys badges (by ArcaneArmoury), all jewellery you see in these shots was made by The Navigatrix.  

The airship approaches...
The beautifully made large prop weapons are by Arcane Armoury, the small ones are what Matt buys in to convert to more Steampunkish designs. Ask him about custom orders!

When you need to deal with a Kraken, do it in style!

 A little while earlier...

The two ladies took a picnic at the lovely Great Western Gardens

We were lucky enough to have a sunny morning in which to take advantage of the kind offer to use a beautiful English country garden. It's amazing where you can find props from if you look. This wasn't planned very carefully but it turned out beautifully!

We're at it again! Found a nest of giggles somewhere...

The Navigatrix shows off her latest treasures.
 The Navigatrix, (who does have a name by the way, known only by a few) travels widely to foreign lands collecting treasures and trinkets to re-work into beautiful adornments for modern Ladies of Quality.  Here, she shows her Captain the latest creations over a good cup of oriental tea.
A good Captain always knows how to do several things at once. Even whilst relaxing!

We packed up just in time as the rain started to pour a short while later! 

If you see any item that you like and has not been linked (we were wearing half the shop!) please leave a comment below! 

Items featured are available from my Etsy shop and my brother's Etsy shop. Do also make sure to visit our lovely model Georgina's shops Curious Doors and Nevermore Dolls

Find us together on Facebook at The Steampunk Share Page where we are constantly looking for other Steampunk businesses to help. Join us!

We all greatly appreciate your support and your custom!

Next time: The Adventures of The Navigatrix!



  1. Lovely! Feminine and strong. You guys do such a great job. :)

  2. Wonderful shoot, fantastic products, and fabulous ladies. Who could ask for more?


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