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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Photoshoot in May - Part 3

Adventures of The Navigatrix

As my business develops, so does the character of The Navigatrix herself. I may have mentioned before that one of my most cherished hobbies is Live Roleplay. I see it as a form of art therapy, in a way. It has certainly cured me of shyness, boosted my confidence and brought me many wonderful, supportive friends.

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 As part of the crew of 'The Unpronounceable', a miraculously gigantic airship that traverses not only the aether, but also the dimensions, The Navigatrix has clear duties. The first and most obvious is the practical yet complex task of guiding the behemoth dirigible to its next destination. She also has a more subtle duty; as a member of the not so secret but not openly spoken about either School of Metaphysic, she guides her crewmates along their life journeys - but only when guidance is sought for. Her travelling experiences have brought her certain unique perspectives on life and it brings her joy to be able to have an intelligent discourse with those of an open mind and a kind heart.
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"When finding oneself in unfamiliar extra-planar territory, one must be prepared for the unusual and potentially dangerous." 

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The Navigatrix enjoys finding unwanted or broken treasures and creating new trinkets and adornments from them. You should see the state of her cabin aboard ship when she comes back from a successful haul! She sits surrounded by a multitude of beads, lace and brass gubbins. 

"Of course everything gets squared away once in a while. Cap'n G enjoys seeing the creative explosion though (and is frequently the instigator of her own creative explosions). I wonder, do they leave 'cr(e)aters'? Oh dear. My poor punning has made Weldon Rivett wince again. He's our Mechaneer. I should introduce you to the crew some day, when they are willing... I digress.

"Corsets and bustles are all very well in polite society but when out adventuring, more practical garb must be worn. Do not gasp out loud when I let on that I wear trousers! A good pair of fashionable yet sturdy boots, an underbust harness for shapeliness and a head covering. Oh, no frilly hats with distasteful decoration; a tagelmust is the most practical garb. It protects one from the sun and wind, also from breathing the dust of barren landscapes. Plus I do believe they are rather fetching, in a mysterious sort of way. Goggles are of great use even though they do look utterly ridiculous when worn for use. No, I shall not show you that image. A certain 'Mr. Toad' may have been mentioned by W. Rivett esq...."

So, you see, various aspects of my personality have combined to be expressed through this medium of owning an Etsy shop. I do love to tell stories. The Navigatrix is the first character that I've created without following a roleplaying rulebook! Does The Navigatrix have a name, you may wonder? Of course she does but few know it...

Have a look through the ever changing treasure chest that is The Navigatrix shop. I value every sale and am sincerely grateful for all the help I receive in sharing and promoting my work.

Elsewhere, in Another Universe...

The orange tagelmust is actually part of a costume that I have created for my new character for Empire, a game by the professional Live Roleplay company Profound Decisions. The fantasy culture that I have chosen is inspired by medieval Spain, Tunisia and Morocco.

 The armour has had a previous life (originally in plain black) when I played a Samurai Badger - rubber mask, paint stripe in my hair, a rubber katana and a lrp (live roleplay) safe bow. 

I made the polearm too, quite some time ago. Those amazing trousers came from Etsy and the sandals I bought when I visited Japan in 2007. 

I'm really looking forward to this game as I have not been to one in quite some time. Take a look at my Pinterest Boards to see some of the images I used for inspiration. I have not yet played this character - the event I'll be at is at the end of July. If you're there, do say hello!

There's just one more link to leave you with: my new Tumblr blog!

Follow me on my journey around the aetherweb. You may discover that I have made a treasure in my shop just for you!


  1. Outstanding photography! I especially love the jewellery in the old box and drawers! I'd love to see more of that. And your storytelling and fun quote are wonderful.

    More more more!!! xxxxxxx

  2. Dear Sally-Ann! You look amazing; what a creative person you are. And I agree, Georgina is such a talented creative lady. She will have great success in the future, I absolutely agree about that. I will follow your blog now :) Sara xxx


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